How can a person learn to think faster?

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The guide below basically guarantees that you become smarter. It is based on neuropsychiatry, history and experience. If you really want to be smarter, take 5 minutes to read it.

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What does it mean to be intelligent?

It means being able to find, formulate and solve problems. An intelligent person can solve non-trivial and difficult problems.

You need to learn to think.

And most people don't know how to think, because they have never been taught.

"Real" thinking, that is, that which produces results, is different from what people assume thinking is.

There is a specific algorithm.


First, there has to be a genuine question. I call it C factor, you have to be curious. Maybe the problem needs to be solved, or you are so interested that it becomes necessary. The same thing.

Its task is to trick your brain into working on solving this problem, instead of dwelling on it, which is what our brains generally do.

Okay, so you're curious. That is a necessary condition. Continue with step 2.


Put away all distractions, go to a preferably quiet place.

Take a blank piece of paper and write down everything you know that could have to do with this problem.

Write down their associations, possible solutions, possible obstacles, facts you know or even those you are not sure you know.

Important! Don't write in a list or in any particular order. Rather, write small fragments of text or perhaps small doodles, chaotically.

He still doesn't know what is central and what is peripheral. Now you just need to put the facts on paper.

Don't look in books or God forbid on the Internet. At this point just use your mind.

Use as many papers as you need. Usually within 30 minutes you will run out of ideas. You'll know when that happens.


Now you can take a little break (but don't look at your phone or anything like that). Grab some new paper and start organizing what you have. Now you will see this problem more clearly, you will have it organized, you will see what you are missing.

After you have organized and written down several sub-questions, you can make a list of the things you need to find under "Sources." They will be books, articles, videos. I recommend books.

When you consume some material, take notes. Then add what you find to your fact map.

Very soon you will see the magic happen.

Your mind will come alive like never before. You'll start getting ideas "out of nowhere." In everything around you, you will see clues and valuable information.

This is because your mental radar has a task. And you are in tune to complete this task.

This process, with stylistic alterations, is how great theorems were formulated, great discoveries were made, and even not-so-great discoveries were made.

The trick is really simple, but not easy. You must make your mind understand that you need its powers for some objective. Once your mind realizes that his intentions are serious, it will actually follow suit.

If you want to “be smarter,” always consume information as part of a larger goal.

Thinking is a process that is directed by objectives.

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