What are the best life hacks for extremely introverted people?

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1. Learn to read people through their body language and also be aware of your own.

95% of communication between humans is subcommunication.

We communicate mostly through the energy we embody and send out, how we carry ourselves, through tonality, eye-contact, how we say something and through subtle cues (avoiding eye-contact or singaling to someone you feel pressured for example).

You can connect with people and find out who they really are much easier just by observing, being aware of these things and responding accordingly.

Additionally, its not about what you say but HOW you say and express it.

2. Improve your social skills.

The best way to improve your social skills is to go out, actually connect with people face to face and to learn from each interaction.

Your first real life interactions will likely suck, but this is normal. You get better with practice and develop a feeling for it over time.

Also, most people today are seriously lacking social skills. Many don’t even know how to sustain a conversation, which is pretty sad.

Texting or video calling isn’t powerful enough to really improve your social skills either because in texting, a large majority of the social context is missing and its just not a good way to improve them.

3. Prolonged eye-contact.

When talking with anyone, always look them in the eyes. It is one of the best ways to bring awareness to your obstacles so you can overcome them and let them go, to increase your confidence and social skills and to show others you have moderate to high self-esteem.

It’s also one of the highest forms of respect and people are much more likely to treat you as an equal if you hold eye contact with them.

What’s important here is that you don’t just stare at their eyes.

Keep it natural, break the eye contact now and then for like 1 second by looking behind them or around the room and then wander back to their eyes as you listen to them.

4. Open body-language.

Open body language is another way to greatly increase your confidence and overcome your fear of others.

I found that when I am in public, it helps a lot to walk with my chest out, shoulders back and chin up and looking straight ahead instead of on the ground.

During conversations, use your hands while you are talking and be dynamic with your movements instead of static. Take up the space your body naturally claims and needs and learn to be in comfortable positions during social situations.

5. Stop thinking and just take action.

Especially before and during dates and job-interviews, I found that not thinking and to just be present in the moment helped me to overcome my fears and anxieties.

You see, when you think too much, you are too deep in your own head and it makes you ignore what is going on around you in the present moment.

That leads to a loss of self-awareness.

It also creates even more anxiety and stagnation because you deliberately take the walk down the downward spiral of negative thoughts and fears. Here is the thing though: most of the negative ‘what if’s’ you worry about 99% of the time do not come true. You will see it for yourself.

Don't wait until you are ready to do something, because you will never be truly ready. Take a leap of faith.

6. Meditate and practice mindfulness.

Meditation is something that everyone should do in my opinion. It is the practice of becoming aware of you, of your mind, of what you think, believe and how you carry yourself.

Through meditation, you can consciously change and greatly improve your inner and outer well-being. It turned me from an extremely introverted guy into a confident, witty, talkative and attractive action-taking man.

I started doing things I never would have dared to do before such as going on dates with women I don’t know, talking with strangers, being more open about myself, basically not giving a fuck any more of what others think about me and finally taking my life into my own hands.

All that because I meditated and changed the beliefs I had about myself as well as the self-talk.

7. Being introverted is fine.

There is really nothing wrong with being introverted. M...

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