What are the smallest hacks to lead a mindful life?

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When I was 18 years old —now I'm 70— I heard this phrase in the movie 'Burn!' (you can see it on YT): “Freedom is to be taken, not received.” This means… make yourself responsible or your life and your happiness. I assumed it and here I am... owner of my mistakes and my triumphs... happy to live my life.

Only if you love yourself, trust yourself, and appreciate yourself... those are the foundations of self-worth and self-esteem... will you be able to really love another person and be loved. Remember that you learn to love by loving yourself; to trust in you is learned by trusting in you; to appreciate you is learned by appreciating you. Start small and soon you will see big changes. Praise, bless, thank everywhere, everyone, every time. It’s a change in your attitude toward life. Give, do not take.

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