What was the best revenge you've ever gotten?

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I worked for my best friend and he got into a bad motorcycle accident he was in coma and had to learn to walk and talk again so I took over doing everything for the company I worked 16 hr days 7 days a week for a year never asked for anything just wanted my friend to have everything he has before the accident. so after a little more than year he was back at work so I asked for a day off he said no he wife didn't stick up for me or anyone in his family and they all knew what I did for him so I told him I quit he said fine so I went to our 3 big company's we did work for and asked them if they wanted to learn what we did for them and I told them what my boss did that night we went out bought 3 trucks and I trained them how to do what we did my boss lost over a 1,000,000 because of losing those company's work and then list his wife and everything he owned because what I did by taking those company's away

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