The most clever life hack you've learned?

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We all know this beautiful actress who made her debut alongside the most struggling actress. She's the gorgeous Tara Sutaria.

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第1张图片

But I am not here to discuss how beautiful she looks because that's pretty obvious. The point here is to note the technicality of this picture. Let's see how this picture is interesting.

The art of photography.

Photography is one field which I believe interests a lot of people. If you are travelling to a place, let’s say a hill station or you have to attend a party etc. There will be many moments which you would like to capture and remember for a long time. But trust me when I say this that a lot of us are not very good when it comes to taking pictures.

When I joined my company, we had a week-long session on frames. Not the frame around a photograph but the one which we see on screen.

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第2张图片


The session was about how we can make the frame more interesting. Well, we were told just the basics of it.

There are certain areas on the screen on which if we keep our object then it will look better. Or I should say, more appealing to the eyes.

While clicking a picture you must have noticed some grid lines.

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第3张图片

Something like this. Now, if we place our object on the dots marked above then they look more beautiful. This way we are not forcing the viewer to look at the centre which is a natural instinct. So, by keeping the object on one of these dots we are actually asking the viewer to shift his/her focus on the subject of the photo.

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第4张图片

Just like this.

These grid lines divide the frame into 3 parts which are called thirds and hence, the rule is called as the rule of thirds.

Here are some more examples.

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第5张图片

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第6张图片

The most clever life hack you've learned?-第7张图片

So, next time if you are travelling somewhere or a friend of yours is asking you to take his/her picture, then you can try keeping the subject on one of those dots.

Since, you know this rule now, check out the first picture again.

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