How do you start your day?

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Usually, I'm the first one awake, usually around seven. My wife is still sleeping, so I get out of bed and slip on my cozy robe before heading to the kitchen.

Once there, I make myself a cup of coffee and settle down in the living room. I grab my phone and immediately check my Quora notifications. It's amazing how many I receive overnight - usually around 130 to 160 or more. Do people not sleep?

As I scroll through the notifications, I take the time to reply to any comments I've received and read through other people's comments. Along the way, I come across some individuals who have left disrespectful or inappropriate remarks. I promptly mute and block them, ensuring that their comments won't be seen by anyone else.

This process of addressing notifications takes quite a while, but afterwards, I move on to checking my messages. Among them, there are often women reaching out to say hello, but I don't usually respond to those. I do, however, answer any ordinary questions that come my way.

After that, I focus on publishing drafts I've already written or crafting responses to specific questions. I try to accomplish this in the morning since my wife sees Quora as my sworn enemy, claiming it consumes too much of my time - and she's right.

Quora is an interesting platform. Sometimes, I'll invest a lot of effort into researching and composing a story that I'm extremely proud of, only to receive a modest amount of upvotes, maybe 28. Other times, I'll casually answer a question about my sisters and suddenly be bombarded with 2000 upvotes. It's puzzling, and while I don't value upvotes as the ultimate measure of success, I do cherish the thought of people reading and enjoying my stories.

Additionally, I have formed connections with numerous friends on Quora, engaging in conversations and reading captivating stories. It's a place where I happily give out upvotes to acknowledge great content.

Before I wrap up my Quora session, I make sure to check the texts from my perpetually lively sisters. Today, Tracy shared a hilarious mishap - forgetting to place her cup under the coffee spout and ending up with a messy situation. I can relate all too well.

After my Quora activities, I prepare another cup of coffee and fix a cup of tea for my wife - milk only, no sugar. With our drinks in hand, we retreat to the comfort of our bed to watch the local news together.

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