What are the good ways to learn to stay focused?

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Embrace solitude. Embrace silence. Embrace sheer boredom.

Embrace a level of boredom so intense, so overwhelming, that it verges on suicidal boredom. Find serenity in your state of dullness.

I express this sentiment with good reason. In our era of endless online content and constant distractions, we have forgotten the art of boredom.

To experience true boredom is to clear the mind. Throughout this process, you will encounter several stages of boredom:

Stage 1 - Memories: Initially, the mind resists boredom by summoning memories of past experiences, songs, movies, former lovers, and conversations. It clings to memories of joy and sorrow.

Stage 2 - Fantasies: The mind indulges in grandiose fantasies, whether sexual, adventurous, or triumphant in nature.

Stage 3 - Imagination: The mind constructs elaborate imaginary stories to combat the perception of time slowing down. Entire conversations with others may play out in the mind, without venturing into the realm of schizophrenia.

Stage 4 - Wandering Thoughts and Self-Doubt

In the penultimate phase, the mind experiences a combination of anger, self-doubt, existential inquiries, and aimless thoughts, attempting to counter the notion that it is descending into madness.

Stage 5 - Emptiness

The final stage signifies a harmonious bliss with the mind. It is now an empty vessel, devoid of clutter. Through this emptiness, you gain the ability to command your mind's focus and cultivate improved mental well-being.

References: Inspired by elements from Zen Buddhism, J Krishnamurti, Osho, and personal experiences.

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