Is life easier for people today?

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I think life is generally easier for many. Some of us still have a lot of hardship in our daily lives. It all depends on where we are born and if our parents had money to send us to school. There were no office workers 500 years ago. These days billions are able to sit at desk and punch the keyboard. Not that sitting at a desk all day is easy/ However it is easier than farming with a horse and a plough.

Billions have access to medicine if we have enough money to afford it.

I wonder if the life of a typical hunter / gatherer must have been difficult also. That was a day to day existence and some days the hunters would have gone hungry I guess. The hunter gatherers fought with neighboring tribes occasionally.

Considering thousands of years have passed, life is lot improving at a rapid pace.

It is improving at a snails pace. Slowly but steadily. Hopefully the distant future offers a 3 day weekend.

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