What are some things to do atleast once in their lifetime?

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I have few situation that make human a worthy human.

Pressure: the one who know to handle pressure with smile can achieve anything in life. No matter how much external forces try to break you, just smile instead of panicking.

Love: love with all your heart no matter what , there would be 2 things as a part of result, partner for lifetime or learning for lifetime. So never resist yourself to love.

Success: success boost our ego , money boost our ego. So , everyone need to feel the defeat after reaching peak. Because since then, you will never be in trap of ego, you will get a next level maturity.

Freedom of being: everyone want to escape from responsibilities, torture and all bad feeling this material world provided us. So, in order to protect your mental piece try to sit with yourself and nature. just don't think for a while. Just say that I am not available for all. I don't care about how other feel. I am important at this important.

Selfish:Be selfish and see how life looks like.

Expectation: just expect beyond your capacity, you will feel low. Sometimes I have seen people living their life to full fill other expectation. Why bro? Don't you feel suffocating.

I feel disturbed sometimes, but I know God always gave challenges to those who is capable of handling it.

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Happy learning!

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