What useful tips/hacks could save my life one day?

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If you have a nose bleed, do not put your head backwards as there is a big possibilty youll choke because the blood will drain to your throat, pinch the root of your nose firmly and put your head down to let the blood out

If you have deja vu more than 5 times a day on most days it's a sign you may have a brain tumour. Get checked out to be safe

If you're in the passenger seat of a car, never put your feet up on the dashboard. If you're in an accident, your knees will smash into your face. Even if you don't get any head injuries, youll have lifelong injuries in your hips

If your car is stuck on train tracks and you have to abandon your vehicle, get off the tracks and run in the direction the train will be coming from. this way, you cant be hit by your car/any debris when the train hits your car

If you meet potential bad people whilst travelling, always let them know that you are in touch with friends and family and that they know exactly where you are. You become less attractive as a victim. Also always leave your itinerary with someone

if you believe youre in a situation where youre about to be killed, you basically have about three minutes to humanise yourself. Make eye contact, tell them about your kids (even if you dont have them) etc. Tell them anything to evoke an emotional response

A falling knife has no handle. If you drop one, stand back and put your hands up. Never try to grab it

Learn muscle ups if you plan on partaking in any parkour or anything involving high rise buildings. If you can't do a muscle/pull up, you don't have the strength to pull yourself up off a ledge

If your garage door needs maintenance, leave it to a professional, garage door springs can kill you if theyre removed in the wrong way

If you are in a position where a shooter is aiming at you, run in diagonal lines. This lowers your chance of getting shot by half, unless the shooter is very trained. It is very difficult to shoot a moving target

If you're ever stranded in the desert, breathe through your nose and not your mouth. If you breathe through your mouth you'll get dehydrated quicker

Inverted nipples can be a sign of breast cancer, so get it checked out if concerned!

Don't let road rage influence your behaviour on the road, it really isn't worth it. Take a deep breath and count to ten, take your foot off the pedal and disengage

In a crisis situation, people run for the door they came in from, when an active shooter or threat walks into a restaurant/location, run for the kitchen/staff room. There's always an exit and not many people will think to escape from there

if you ever give a hitchhiker/stranger a ride anywhere, force them to show you the inside of their pockets/coat before allowing them into your vehicle and don't let them sit in the back, always be cautious

If an unmarked police car tries to pull you over in an unlit area, don't stop, call the local police station and ask if there is any police in the area, if they say no, drive to a safe area and call the police. If they say yes you're safe to pull over

if you ever get stuck in an elevator, do not try to escape, don't try to pry the door open or wiggle out of the opening as you may upset the equilibrium and be crushed, sit patiently and wait for professionals to come and get you

If you smell gas in your house, don't turn your lights on this can create a spark that can ignite any gas in the air should it be flammable

If you are stranded in the woods, find a plastic bag and tie it around the leaves at the end of a branch. It may take a day or two but you can collect clean drinking water by doing so. Also stay in one place so a search team doesn't miss you

Remember the survival rule of three, humans can survive three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter from the elements and three minutes without oxygen

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