What are some cool psychological tricks worth sharing?

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Here are 7 cool psychological tricks that are really useful:

1. If you want a noisy auditorium to quiet down almost instantly. Simply open your mouth as if you were speaking while gesturing at the same time. People will calm down immediately, trying to understand what exactly you are saying or doing.

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2. If you want to thrill someone every time they meet you. You should start acting very excited every time you meet someone, eventually they will start to get excited too without even realizing why.

3. If you have no motivation to learn a skill. (an instrument or a new language, etc.), tell yourself: OK, I'll sit down and learn for five minutes. Most of the time, you end up sitting for more than five minutes. Even if you only sit for five minutes, it's better than not trying at all.

4. If someone bothers you at your desk too often. Continue the entire conversation with them. Then suddenly get up and take the person back to their own desk. They won't even realize how they got there.

5. If you can't maintain eye contact. Try staring at the space between that person's eyebrows. They won't be able to tell where you're looking, they'll think you're still holding their gaze.

6. People will associate you with other people's adjectives you use. This phenomenon is called "spontaneous trait transfer." That is, if you say that a person is sincere and kind, people will associate these qualities with you. If you always talk bad about others behind their backs, people will also associate these negative comments with you.

7. If you feel like someone is watching you, you can look at your watch or where you usually wear it. If the person is looking at you, they will unconsciously look at their wrist/watch as well.

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