What can I learn in 5 minutes that can change my life?

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A few things can be learned in just five minutes that can help you in your lifetime:

Your life is largely affected by the decisions that you make, and the actions that you take.

Often, the damage you cause to yourself or your immediate colleagues is a result of two things: Imbalanced thinking, and angry actions.

Imbalanced thinking:

To seriously enhance the thinking process, all you need to do is to do a little bit of exercise. Your brain automatically gets more blood flow, and you can get far better ideas if you go on a short walk, do some push-ups, or just do a little bit of jogging.

This not only will help you get better ideas but also more fruitful ideas.

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Controlling emotions and actions:

To control the emotions, and most importantly, actions taken after you are angry, you need to learn “to not send an angry email”.

All you need to do is: You can type an email if you want. You can be as angry as you want to be, but DO NOT send it.

Save it and keep it in the Outlook saved email folder. Go for about 15 minutes of hard running and vigorous exercise.

Whatever anger you have contained within yourself, throw all that anger into the exercise.

Then when you return, not only will your muscles be stronger, but also, your mind will be calmer. This way, you practice and comport yourself with restraint.

Then re-type the same email in the politest words, and state only the facts that matter.

Should you choose, you can even wait an entire day before sending the email.

This is one of the most important things I observed between junior engineers and amazing managers wherever I worked.

Amazing managers never lose their patience.

They stay focused and stay on course.

They look at facts and figures and keep angry emotions away from the workplace.

They take action when things fail no matter what the root cause of the failure is, and contain the problem.

Then when they have analyzed all the facts and done all the postmortems, they make clear decisions and take action.

It is far more important to have unbiased, calm, methodical, and clear thinking than to operate with anger in the workplace.

Now some of you might visualize Steve Jobs and would say ~ “wow! He was quite the opposite”, but don’t forget that before you build the attitude of Steve Jobs, you need to build the skills of Steve Jobs.

To read this whole post, I think I have taken your 5 minutes, but if you do these things a few times, I guarantee you that you will get a lot more respect at your workplace, and will build trust and connections for the long term.

Then, over months of interactions with others, you would realize, that you would stop getting angry, you would build patience, and that is a real virtue!

Stay blessed, and stay inspired!

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