How do you trick your brain to like doing hard things?

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Mind hacks and mind tricks do not exist. Your problem is you are lazy. Lazy people like to look for shortcuts. You need to stop being lazy. The symptoms of laziness are as follows:1) Procrastination, 2)Sloppiness.3) indecisiveness.4) short attention span.5) unable to progress.6) giving up very early.7) living vicariously through others.8) Falling asleep and daydream forever.. Fix your laziness .If you want good things in life it comes with hard work. Part of being lazy is to be lazy in thought and perception and not accept reality. The reality is easy or hard only exists in relations to your skill level. And that's never going to change. I like hard things because hard things give the best rewards. And I like rewards that i have worked for. That's called Merit. I deserve it. Therefore now I have to like hard work, otherwise there would be a cognitive dissonance in my brain. It's all connected brother. I don't want disconnect in my brain, so I have to connect everything..Just make sure you never have to work hard at things you don't care about and that's the biggest problem. You are trying to like hard work you need to like what you are doing first.. I used to hate doing dishes. But I like cleanliness don't work.. Cleanliness means clean everything on your person, in your home everywhere. So I now like to clean my dishes, because that's part of cleanliness. Pick things that you like and excel in these things. Excel at excelling. You will love hard work because the reward is satisfying. Go read” Winning the unforgiving race to Greatness”.

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