What can I do to make sure I am becoming the best version of myself?

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The best version is the ideal version; one cannot achieve perfection but can come close to it.

Wake up early and leave the bed with a happy smile.

Bring your hands together and contemplate on the idea that your destiny is determined by your actions, then rub your hands together and place them on your face.

Express gratitude and feel blessed for being better off than others.

Engage in activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

Read inspiring, religious, and spiritual books of your choice.

Allocate time for self-improvement and skill development.

Pursue your hobbies such as singing, dancing, painting, acting, playing instruments, and cooking.

Be authentic and courageous.

Show respect to elders and love younger individuals.

Take care of your health.

Be self-reliant in all your tasks and avoid dependency on others.

Speak up when necessary, but don't remain silent when you are correct. Raise your voice, not merely echo others.

Be friendly and open with everyone, avoid being reserved. Help others without expecting anything in return. Remember, don't be either inert like a stone or too fragile like a candle.

Avoid blindly following others. Do what you believe is right. Be courageous once again.

These are the life lessons I have learned. There may be more that I am unaware of at the moment.

Thank you!

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