How can I change my life properly?

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Take action. After studying and reading about human physiology and psychology for months, I realized that only taking action can change our life.

Reading books, accumulating knowledge is very good but if it is not applied it really doesn’t mean anything so start taking slow steps.

Start with activities like yoga, walking, workout, meditation, journaling and do self introspection.

Focus on career, read books regarding it and start upskilling yourself. Have basic idea of financial management, discuss games, business, market condition and navigate through different sectors of life with peers.

Start thanking everything that you have in your life, have positive thoughts, make yourself mentally balanced. Focus on food, body nutrition.

Set goals, achieve them, most importantly be in present moment. Worrying about future, regretting over past nullifies the ability to enjoy the present moments.

So have confidence, remember everything is within you. You alone can change your life.

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