What are the things that you can do easily but others find it difficult?

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There are numerous things that are not difficult, such as math, physics, astronomy, and understanding basic concepts. Physical activities like swimming, hiking, jogging, and weightlifting are also not challenging. Additionally, improving cooking skills, eating habits, losing weight, and overcoming mild addictions are not hard tasks. Figuring out the truth on the internet using resources like Google and Wikipedia is also relatively easy. Similarly, peeling avocados, garlic, or kiwi fruit, juicing a lemon, and opening a wine bottle correctly does not require any complicated techniques. Basic life skills such as doing taxes, changing a tire, and fixing a hole in the wall are manageable as well. The main setback that people face is expecting failure and convincing themselves that these tasks are too difficult and not worth attempting. Many instructors in nature hikes, group exercises, and adult classes make simple activities seem burdensome, which defeats the purpose of signing up for such activities. It is important to remember that these activities should not be viewed as punishment but rather as enjoyable challenges. While there are individuals who face genuine challenges due to circumstances or adverse conditions, most of us have the potential to be more capable, in control, and aware of the world around us. The primary reason behind this lack of progress is often a lack of motivation and laziness. However, it is essential to note that learning new things and overcoming obstacles can be a lot of fun and rewarding.

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