What's something that would make your life easier?

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I dont know if it will help or not but from my 19 years of lyf i can share some-

1.Think less Do more

This will reduce self doubt and boost your self confidence. You will be less insecure when you are busy doing productive things.

2.Reduce if and buts from your life.

3.Don’t ever lose people just because of your so called self respect thats actually ego because it doesn't exist between true bonds. Fight with them , Argue with them but never let them go.

Because these people are your shelters when you cant find one. Your worst phase is their worst phase too. They always want your happiness even if they have had to leave just for your one smile.

4.Family is not always by DNA you shared with them. Sometimes your threads gets attached to strangers and they become your hardcore family .

5.Remember you are not alone. You have came in this world along with the support of your mother and when you leave this world, you will be having people by your side - crying nd begging u too come back nd they will accompany you till your body disappears.

6.Overthinking is normal. We all do, but it disturbs us when we have noone to listen it and reassure it. Let your diary be your companion otherwise find a living one.

7. If you have had past traumas, share them, make yourself comfortable with them, talk about them. Dont be afraid of having blood while removing the knife from your chest. If it doesn't get operated, it would never heal. Free yourself and talk about them even if they trigger you.

8.Life is nothing but a hope. But let me mind you, dont hope from people, it will kill you.

9. Never expect things from people. When they break, there is a part of you that dies.


LOVE nd HAPPINESS should be your ultimate goal. Chalo bye!!!

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