Would becoming homeless be a good strategy to cut costs?

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We experienced a period of homelessness in the Nevada desert for two years while building our business, after losing our house in the 2008 crash. With only a month to make arrangements, we used our remaining savings to purchase cheap land, laptops, a generator, and other essentials. We relied on a modest income from Adsense revenue and lived off the grid, far from civilization. Our living conditions were primitive, with unreliable internet and limited electricity, but we managed with determination. We faced challenges in obtaining fresh water and endured extreme heat and relentless wind. Despite the hardships, this experience brought us closer as a couple and taught us resilience. Looking back, it was the most valuable and rewarding time of our lives. It allowed us to disconnect from technology and connect deeply with each other. Furthermore, it contributed to the success of our business, which now provides a stable income. The challenges we face today seem minor compared to what we endured, and we would gladly do it all over again.

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