What's the best brain hack you know?

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Changing the breathing pattern: Whenever I feel my emotions intensifying, I swiftly shift my focus and concentrate on my breath. This instantaneously alters my state of mind, restoring a sense of normalcy. This technique can be utilized for negative emotions such as anger or envy, and is even effective in inducing sleep.

Laughing: Amidst stressful situations, I employ the power of laughter by cracking silly jokes. Although my friends may perceive this as an inability to grasp the seriousness of the matter, it serves as a clever tactic to alleviate worry and peacefully contemplate the solution.

Waking up: Prior to going to bed, I mentally command my body to wake up at a specific time, prompting it to act as an internal alarm clock. As a result, I frequently wake up prior to the designated time, avoiding reliance on external alarms.

Dressing up well: On dour days, I put in extra effort to attire myself in a pleasing manner. This ruse automatically deceives my brain into perceiving that all is well, instilling a disposition of confidence and cheerfulness.

Considering it important: Whenever I encounter slothfulness or a lack of ideas, I envision the scenario as having a monetary impact or as a pivotal aid to someone. This mental shift prompts previously elusive ideas to suddenly emerge. This tactic also applies to studying; creating a simulated pass or fail situation on a regular day enhances motivation to diligently engage with academic subjects.

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