What are the best travel hacks?

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Traveling can be made smoother with a few helpful hacks. Firstly, roll your clothes instead of folding to save space and reduce wrinkles. Utilize multi-purpose items, like a sarong that can double as a scarf, blanket, or beach cover-up. Pack a power strip to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and bring a portable charger for extra juice on-the-go.

Scan and save important documents like your passport and travel insurance to a cloud service for easy access. Use apps for currency conversion, language translation, and navigation. To prevent leaks, place plastic wrap under the lids of toiletries and seal them tightly.

Take a photo of your luggage, making it easier to locate if it gets lost. Choose the middle of the week to book flights, as they tend to be cheaper. Stay hydrated by bringing an empty reusable water bottle and filling it after passing through security.

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