How do I successfully shoplift from any store? What tips or tricks does anyone have that not many people know?

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I have lived off of boosting and shoplifting for very many years because I suffered a traumatic brain injury and was a deeply addicted drug and alcohol user and I can give you a great many helpful commentz.

Boosting is stealing to sell or trade or to “fence" items afterwards. And I was very very talented at that. But shoplifting is getting what you need to get by and is very much more justifiable and I do it to this very day whether I have money or not.

I am a diagnosed cleptomaniac and you should seriously heed my words if you would like to excel in the literally absolutely endless world of petty theft.

I have somewhat since graduated, but I do not endorse or help what you might call “real" thieves. But I can tell you that I most likely stole over a million dollars worth of items during my career before I advanced.

First of all, there is the maxim GET IN, GET THE MERCH, AND GET OUT QUICK. Even if you're a fucking retard, you can always run. There have been countless times I've had to book it. Never ever turn . Never let them slow you down. Never go back to the office just to talk. Never. And if they chase you and touch you, turn around and be violent in manner. This is your life. But get the shit. Don't attempt to conceal the merch until you are close to the door. Then tuck, duck calmly, and get out. Get out a phone, or just your hand, and ta

lk into it as if it were a cell phone, andBut rhere just walk out. If the alarm goes off, just act like you didn't realize it. And never ever reply to any comment at that point. Okay there's been like I've had a lot of trouble on making this this this text here so I mean just just bear with me if there's typos or if they they don't understand me so that's fine but like I seriously try to like write you guys some really good applications techniques to shoplift like 10 f****** times in this course she kept blocking me or whatever kept asking me who the f*** I was so anyway here we go so when you're going to restore anybody to take something the first the first idea is yeah get in get them merch and get out quick right that's the idea and it's starting up shelter what you should do is only take a small item you go in there you take a little thing and you you get it and you you talk it you know like but I'm going to explain a difference between boosting and shopping first of all the reason why I became such an excellent shoplifter is because I started out as a booster because it was a methamphetamine addict so like I needed a lot of money to get through the f****** day and I would have to boost things that's different that's like when you walk in at Macy's and like smashing grab almost but you just go into a place and you just take a hole stack of like Levi jeans or whatever like the whole f****** stack it doesn't matter if it they're your size or not you just take them right do you get it but like when you go on and you have longer in life and I'm a lot older now what you want to do is you just you just get by you know and I still I still shop it's even when I have all kinds of money cuz why not cuz right cream off the f****** top right so anyway here's some basic really good points that you need to know actually absolutely dress casual dress casual where have you are if you're in Kentucky just like the Kentucky people do if you're in if you're in Portland Oregon dress like Portland Oregon people too you know if you're in wherever you're at analyze the people around you and dress like they do and a good way to start your day off is if you're like totally annihilated like whatever you don't have nothing go to Goodwill first there's there's stores that are like very easy to take from and their stores that are more difficult right like Goodwill Dollar tree those are good places to start your day out at so you go to Goodwill you know and if you have your if you have just the best I need to go go in a Goodwill when you first get in there pick up a cart right push the card around you know like like the best thing to do is find a cart from the from the driveway push the cart through you know like you own the f****** world that's another thing too like the main thing is you have to think about you deserve this you have to say you have to justify in your mind you can never stop you can never say that like oh my God you're so wrong I'm a thief you can't say that you have to say like if I deserve this because I'm trying to live so the first thing you do so in the morning go to a Goodwill push your push your cart around fill it up with whatever clothes that you need first and then grab a backpack or a suitcase or whatever you can it's just a bag it doesn't matter it doesn't matter what it looks like you know what I mean just like grab whatever you need to get all that s*** out the f****** store at the beginning right and that but you do that at the end you don't grab the backpack or the suitcase first you grab that at the very at the final end and then you stuff all that s*** in the f****** backpack and then you go right I'm like excuse me sir thank you for stealing and you're out screw them f*** you and then you go to Dollar tree right and you're like you go to jail a tree and you're like well like when I'm going to do I need like your Tula tree items you need your like utensils to like keep yourself looking nice because now we're going to move it up a step right we're going to move it up a step so then you're going to shave you're going to shower you're going to s*** you're going to smell clean all right smell Dollar tree clean but hey whatever so then then you going to move on to the like the outlet stores right so you're going to go I'm assuming right now that like you're starting out from dead ass broke cuz if you shop within you obviously need some s*** homie you know like you need you need stuff right so like I'm starting out like just

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