What is the most clever life hack you've learned? And the worse?

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1. If you drop your phone, don't try to grab it on the way down. Stick out a foot and let it bounce off your foot. It'll absorb enough of the speed that it probably won't break.

2. Adjust a picture frame at your desk so you can see behind you with the reflection of the glass.

3. Windows key + E to open My Computer. It has saved me literally minutes over the years.

4. When you show someone one picture on your phone, people tend to start scrolling through looking at your other pictures. Enlarge the picture just a little bit. Then when they go to swipe, they are just moving that picture around and not going to your next picture.

5. If you carry a clipbord and wear a tie, you will never be stopped in any major store.

6. Use half of the recommended amount of laundry products, it's just as effective and super cheap.

7. Dip your fork into the salad dressing before you form each salad bite instead of pouring it all over. You get a fraction of the calories, yet each bite has plenty of dressing.

8. Put your socks on before your pants. It made getting dressed in the morning for work easy.

9. Flip your pill bottles after taking them so you remember if you took them or not.

10. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees. No more lower back pain.

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