How do I motivate myself to exercise?

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Allow me to share my story. Previously, I weighed approximately 130 pounds, with a waist size of 73cm (29 inches). While this may seem acceptable for an average person, it was considered fat for Asian girls. Additionally, my small body frame made my protruding belly quite unattractive.

Over the years, I attempted various diets ranging from strict ones like the General Motor diet and low carb diets to healthier options such as detox diets. However, I struggled to keep the weight off and inevitably gained it back.

One day, while watching YouTube videos, I daydreamed about becoming strong and losing my belly fat. The following day, I purchased a jump rope and began jumping. After just 200 jumps, I was incredibly sore and contemplated giving up, as exercise seemed too difficult. I even contemplated returning to a stricter diet and enduring the pain to achieve weight loss.

Furthermore, I had to adjust my schedule to wake up at 5AM for my jumping routine, which was challenging for me as a night owl. However, something compelled me to persist.

I recalled my initial motivation for wanting to lose weight: to increase my strength, fully enjoy life, and overcome any obstacles that came my way. I yearned for good health to pursue my dreams. Although a strict diet could potentially help me shed pounds, I believed it would not necessarily make me healthier.

I remained committed to my choice for a continuous six months. It was a difficult period, as every morning my warm bed enticed me to skip exercise and the lack of immediate results left me frustrated. However, after six months, everything began to change.

My body became smaller, with a 5-inch reduction in waist size, 14 pounds lost overall, and the emergence of curves. Notably, others started to take notice as well. It brought me immense joy when individuals praised me and sought advice on my transformation. I altered my dressing style, and for the first time in my life, I felt beautiful.

Therefore, if you desire to stick with your exercise routine, reflect on your reasons. Consider why you initially embarked on this journey. What are your ultimate goals? How will you feel once you achieve them?

In moments of doubt and the desire to quit, remember your motivations and remain steadfast. By consistently motivating yourself each day, you will establish a habit that is difficult to break.

Always bear in mind that this is a long-term commitment. In the beginning, the path may seem blurry, but it will become clearer with each step you take.

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