Does self-acceptance limit your potential?

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Over the years I’ve learned that I am a social person who is exhausted by human interaction.

To put it in Myers-Briggs language, I am a very introverted person who presents like an extrovert.

I have two choices:

To wish I was extroverted, pretend I am an extrovert, and frequently find myself overextended, overstimulated and irritable.

Or, to accept that I am an introvert, and plan to give myself the space and time I need to recharge and return to being somewhat presentable.

If I don’t accept who I am, I am working really hard and thrashing: swimming against the current.

Attempting to “improve” by trying to be someone I am not is a form of self-aggression and it will only result in frustration and despair.

Self-acceptance - embracing who I am - is to me the only way to truly reach my full potential.

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