As an airport employee what are some airport hacks that most travelers are not aware of?

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Quora User: As an airport employee, I've seen it all.

Let me share some airport hacks that most travelers are clueless about.

First, forget about those fancy lounges or priority boarding.

The real hack is to arrive at the airport fashionably late.

Who needs the hassle of long security lines and crowded departure gates?

Just breeze in at the last minute and enjoy the thrill of sprinting through the terminal to catch your flight.

It's like a mini workout and an adrenaline rush combined!Another secret hack is to always carry an empty water bottle with you.

Forget about spending a fortune on overpriced bottled water at the airport.

Simply find a water fountain once you're through security, fill up your bottle, and voila!

You're hydrated and saving money at the same time.

Plus, think of all the environmental brownie points you'll earn.

And here's a pro tip: if you want to avoid the hassle of waiting for your luggage at the carousel, just don't check any bags.

Embrace the minimalist traveler lifestyle and pack light.

You'll breeze through the airport without any worries about lost or delayed luggage.

Who needs a wardrobe anyway when you can rock the same outfit for your entire trip?

So there you have it, my insider airport hacks for the adventurous and slightly rebellious travelers out there.

Happy flying!

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