What could you teach someone in 5 minutes that would benefit them for the rest of their life?

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I wish I could go back and follow what I know now to be true… positive thinking.. elevates your life and your health… generally, theres ALWAYS a silver lining if you look for it…and trust your gut… if something feels wrong it's wrong.. stop and change direction… look at things differently… see if it changes the perception you have of it.. if not then stop and make a change.

I've learned to thank the universe for any pain…. any… and in that gratitude it's vanished…it's so annoying to only know these things now… I don't know why that works but it works…( though not sure I'd try it in childbirth but I didn't know it then)

Always be a person of integrity… being someone who people will trust will reap massive rewards… be a great neighbour and a decent citizen.

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