What are some of the best ways to manifest what you want?

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I’ve been studying manifestation for a year now, and I’ve been able to manifest $5000 and other minor things. I’m not an expert on it yet, but here are some stuff that seems to be working for me.

The feeling, the vibration you are in, is everything it seems. When you visualize (or when you receive) what you want, your feelings/vibration will be completely different than what you have now. It’s usually a bit of joy at first, but more neutral, calm and confident. I think this is the secret, to channel yourself to have this vibration constantly (living in the end result). That’s also the tricky part, because you have deny the 3D physical world constantly, and remove yourself from a feeling of lack or even desiring what you want, you just have to be in a state of “I have it already, this is great.” This is what seem to have worked for me, and I had to stayed in this feeling for a few weeks to a month or two before I start attracting money to me ($2000 from a random friend, $3000 from government stimuli and tax-refund, and I think a few other places. Oh, also a wallet on the ground, but I returned that because it wasn’t align with what I wanted).

The spell broke, or rather, my belief broke because school started again and I kind of stressed out and forgot about manifesting for a bit. That’s when the money stopped flowing in. It seems like if I break the vibration of abundance, then the attraction stops. By the way, when I say “vibration” or focusing on the end result, what I mean by this is, or rather, some tools to help you get there would be affirmation, visualization and trying to foster that feeling of you have it already. Again, it’s like a calm and confident feeling, and they stay in that feeling 24/7.

It’s almost feel like im brainwashing myself at times, by denying the 3D world, and living in imagination. Pretending I have it before I have it, and not breaking character. It’s almost psychotic haha. But, you have to really buy your own dream, you know? You have to really believe and have faith that it’s already yours, that you’re already it. When you question where it is, why isn’t it here, or whatever lack, you actually cancel the spell in its process. You just have to “let it go” and believe you already have it, and don’t question it, just be it.

Because the world around you is made by you, there a sense of intuition, or calmness with decision. Every prophet, every teacher (even me) is your subconscious playing itself out. Everything is your subconscious, and your intuition is your guidance. Be calm, do what is easy, do what is natural and just go with the Taoism’s flow of life. Life is meant to be fun, easy and gifted for you. Just enjoy it. If you had all the money in the world without working for it, and everything you could ever desire, I bet you would just relax and do something fun all the time. There is no work, no “I have to get this, study this, work for that,” it’s just simply “flow.” Nothing else. Just enjoying your life.

I’m going to stop writing, because it’s a bit pointless, since I’m talking to my subconscious and this makes no sense in a way. lol

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