What has surprised you the most?

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This photo seems inexplicable, but I assure you it is a real shot: On December 4, 2013, a worker in central China had his hand reattached to his ankle.

What has surprised you the most?-第1张图片

The patient had suffered a work accident in which he severed his hand with a rotary blade machine.

The microsurgery team at Xiangya Hospital in Changsha was unable to reattach the hand to the arm due to the damaged tendons and nerves.

They therefore decided to attach it to the ankle while waiting for the nerves in the arm to heal : in this way the tissues of the hand were not damaged due to the lack of blood supply and it was subsequently possible to put it back in its place.

The power of knowledge..

I'm just not surprised..

So happy after reading this story because they have done it..


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