What are some first date tips?

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Through first-date experiences, we will not only make a mighty impression on another person, but we can also use this as an opportunity to grow strength within ourselves. To take the pressure off of a first date, we must remember we are just two streams of consciousness coming together to gain lessons and love. Or even better… we are two specks of dust in a vast eternal universe that just want to experience the joys life can bring to us. Humbled yet? Good! Its important to take the pressure off before a first date.

I always recommend to:

1) Be authentic to who you are! Everyone deserves to feel loved, seen, cherished, adored, and respected for who they truly are, not for who someone else wants them to be (or the false narratives we place on ourselves.) When we radiate authenticity, we not only shine courage (super sexy!) but we also attract an authentic love match to us.

2) Find humor & create humor! Laughing is an amazing heart opener and can truly bring down walls and barriers on a first date. Be silly, have fun and tastefully magnetic. Cracking even just one joke, or even laughing at ourselves helps others to see the humanity in the situation. By doing this, people can remove pressure from themselves as well as break down illusionary expectations for themselves, the date, and others. Most people love a naughty, boundary-pushing or controversial joke… but don't forget to keep it light, silly, and tasteful for the first date as you are getting to know other people's humor styles (or lack of).

3) Go into the date with a positive mindset! Nothing can break you or ruin your experiences when you have an impenetrable mindset rooted in joy and gratitude. Going into any situation with a positive outlook and with hope in your heart will always help you to enter and leave the situation with gratitude.

Knowing who we are without a shadow of a doubt can truly help us to radiate confidence in an entirely new light. Energy doesn't lie. It is truly important that you know your worth and you go into every interaction with a grateful heart. Above all be grateful to meet someone new and to learn about someone else's experiences of life, as well as to gain new lessons and insights on yourself = priceless! And if you fall in love in the meantime… AMAZING! All true love matches begin with a solid foundation of friendship. Take the pressure off and move into the experience with an open heart and excited to meet a new friend. You’ve got this!

I love you eternally,

Kamillah 🦋

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