What causes low self-esteem?

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Your mindset ...

You have more belief in your fate than in yourself.

You constantly compare yourself to others.

You feel that life is unfair only to you.

You lack self-confidence.

You prioritize what people think of you over your own thoughts.

You consistently have negative thoughts (pessimistic).

You have no vision for your life and believe that it will always remain the same.

You don't love yourself because you believe that nobody loves you.

You are afraid of taking on responsibilities.

You always focus on the end result rather than the effort you put in (thinking that if you fail, all your efforts will be wasted).

You don't utilize opportunities to prove yourself because you fear making poor decisions.

You believe that you are incapable of achieving anything in life because you have done nothing so far.

You think that some people are naturally intelligent and that you cannot compete with them.

You avoid talking to people because you fear their intelligence surpasses yours.

You constantly worry about something, big or small.

Every minute, you doubt yourself and wonder about the negative outcomes.

You are overly sensitive and cannot handle criticism.

You frequently make excuses and blame others.

You avoid taking risks to stay in your comfort zone.

You believe that someone else should change your life instead of taking charge yourself.

Stop having negative thoughts!

"Your thoughts shape your reality."

Start thinking positively.

If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will.

The only competition you have is yourself when you look in the mirror.

Fate can change for those who work hard.

You grow by taking on responsibilities.

Failures provide valuable lessons.

Efforts are never wasted.

Hard work can surpass talent.

Experiences, both good and bad, lead to making wise decisions.

Accept criticism and take responsibility for your own mistakes.

Always wear a smile on your face.

Love yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Take action.

You are a warrior; stop defending and start fighting for your life.


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