Which is more important: intelligence or hard work?

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A hard-working mindset is the worst thing I’ve experienced in my life.

Most people tend to think of intelligence as a highly overrated parameter, which is true; without taking action intelligence means nothing. And so, those people embrace the hard-working mindset and spend extra hours at the gym or office.

While we focus on achieving our personal goals, we forget about the most important thing in our lives — happiness.

Hard-working requires endurance and mental strength to sustain over a long period of time. It’s the only way one can achieve tangible results from it. While the whole idea may seem cool and even masculine, the word hard automatically implies a negative meaning which both consciously and subconsciously makes us think of work as an unpleasant activity. Right here, burnout is inevitable.

On the other hand, we have intelligence, which plays a key role in the creative approach. Instead of embracing a hard-working mindset, we can rewire our mindset for a pleasant-working mindset. If we intentionally make our work more enjoyable instead of hard, we can achieve much more in the long term. And that’s where intelligence wins.

The more joy you have with your work, the more likely you’re to get back to it and produce more, with much more pleasure and fun.

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