What are some good life hacks?

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Instead of just "life-hacks," these are the things that have contributed to my moderate success. Exercise has been a game-changer in my life, impacting my mood, health, and overall well-being. It's not just a trend; it has the potential to make a monumental difference. Unless you belong to the rare 1% who can be healthy without exercise, not prioritizing it will lead to some form of suffering. It doesn't have to be extreme like CrossFit or marathon running; any form of exercise is beneficial.

Create a list of your priorities, including people, and regularly update and refer to it. It might seem cold and calculated, but we all have priorities, even if we hesitate to admit it. By acknowledging and writing them down, I can make decisions quicker than most people who struggle with such choices.

Experiences hold more value than material possessions. Though I may not be wealthy, I have the option to choose between doing things and owning things. I can afford nice possessions, but I prioritize doing things and creating meaningful experiences with my spouse instead. Engaging in activities together strengthens our relationships, while material possessions often distract from what truly matters.

If you have plans, make sure to set evaluation periods and benchmarks. It can be tough and not particularly enjoyable, but without goals and specific timelines, success becomes unlikely in many endeavors. While goals should remain flexible (mine change frequently), I ensure that each goal has designated evaluation periods. If I realize I am veering off track or the goal no longer seems worthwhile, I evaluate my progress and adjust accordingly.

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