What are some tips for a husband to keep everything neat and tidy?

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I would start coming in the door from work and dropping my clothes right there on the floor. I wouldn't make the bed I would leave things laying all over I wouldn't wash a dish I wouldn't bring the dishes to the sink and I would like and I would let him see what it feels like to pick up after me all the time. And if he didn't pick up after me and himself then I'd be really screwed and I just have double to clean up now. Or you could bribe him with a special treat at the end of the week I know it sounds silly but some kind of a star reward system on the refrigerator give him good points give him a sticker when he does good and at the end of the week I am sure I'm sure you can think of something that he would really really like something that he doesn't get very often from you whether it be your lasagna or whether it be the red nighty that you wear or whether it be the knee pads that he used to wear for soccer. And you used to wear and you know why! LOL but you have to give him daily stars and reward him constantly when he does good or else he will lose interest quick and you better be ready to do a good job at the end of the week because he's going to be a good boy at least that first week he will LOL good luck by the way my man picks up all his junk and he keeps things tidy ever since I came up with the system

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