What are some good life hacks using 3D printed objects?

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3D printing is a fun and functional way to make life a tad bit easier. Here are some cool life hacks using 3D printed objects that can totally boost your day-to-day efficiency:

1. Home Improvements:

Shopping Bag Holder: Say goodbye to multiple trips from the car to the kitchen after grocery shopping. With a 3D printed shopping bag holder, you can carry all your bags in one go. Plus, no more painful marks on your fingers from those heavy bags​​.

Cabinet Bag Holder: This nifty holder sits atop your kitchen cabinets, providing a savvy solution to dispose of food scraps​​.

Desk Cable Tray: Kiss the cable chaos goodbye and reclaim your desk's zen with this cable management tray. It's perfect for hooking up USB and charging cables while they're not in use​​.

Corner Cable Holder: Stop your cables from bending and twisting, keeping them neatly tucked into the corners​​.

2. Handy Kitchen Gadgets:

Easy Egg Cracker: Crack eggs with eggcellent precision, keeping your fingers clean from gooey egg whites​​.

Strawberry Stem Remover: No more eating around those pesky strawberry stems with this smart tool​​.

Kitchen Bag Clip: These 3D printed bag clips are the perfect addition to your pantry, making it easy to pour stuff from the bag without having to peg or box up again​​.

3. Workshop Wonders:

Drill Dust Collector: Get your drilling done without the mess. This dust collector catches debris as you work, saving you the cleanup time​.

Wood Center Finder: Quickly find and rule the center before you drill, a handy tool for almost any woodworking project​​.

4. Personal Accessories:

Chapstick Keychain: Forget digging through your bag for that elusive lip balm. With this keychain, it’s always right there with your keys​​.

Car Visor Sunglass Holder: This holder clings to your car visor, keeping your shades safe, secure, and within arm’s reach​.

5. Fun and Games:

Finger Chopsticks: This life hack is a gamer’s secret weapon for munching on snacks without getting the controller or mouse dirty​​.

Phone Amplifier: This groovy amplifier not only boosts your phone’s volume but also doubles up as a phone stand​​.

These 3D printed hacks are more than just cool; they solve real-world problems in a jiffy. And the fun part? You get to see your creations come to life, right from your own 3D printer. From the looks of it, the possibilities are endless. Happy printing! 🎉

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