How can I make life easier for people around me?

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Don't poke your nose in their affairs.

I grew up in a small town and observed that people were more engrossed in others’ lives than their own. This phenomenon persists even in a bustling city like Bangalore where I am living currently. News about someone's personal life spreads faster than wildfire.

A girl has an affair, and the neighbours get to know about it before her parents. They just can't keep quiet after knowing about it, but add some spice to the story and spread the rumour.

Now according to the rumour, the girl already slept with the boy and is pregnant. This leads the girl to take her own life. And the story is over!

You see most people talk about others. The topics vary from ‘who is doing what’ to ‘who bought what’. Meet your friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbours and talk about others, which fills our life with discomforts.

These discomforts are sometimes not negligible. Some are scared of being judged. Some feel hurt when they hear rumours about themselves. Some find it hard to share their feelings openly. They are so afraid of your big nose poking into their life.

If you genuinely want to make a positive impact on others' lives, then focus on your own affairs. Redirect your energy from talking about others to cultivating empathy and kindness.

Wish you all a very happy diwali!

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Thank you for reading.

Stay Calm!


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