What golden advice did you learn in your life?

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What golden advice did you learn in your life?-第1张图片

Jealousy can hide in complements, envy can hide in support and hate can hide in love. Just because they’re giving it to you, doesn’t mean they have it for you.

No one is judging you as hard as you think. And if they are, that sounds more of a their problem than your problem.

Everybody says they are grown and mature until it’s time to apologize or communicate.

Leave people in whatever the reality they have chosen.

People always have a way of revealing who they are. You just have to give them space and time to do so. No mask can be worn forever.

Trust nobody, people talk good and still move different.

The less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with.

Anybody can change suddenly, doesn’t matter how close the bond is. At some point you have to let people go, before they destroy you as a person.

It’s not overreacting, we all have different sensitivity. If it hurts, it hurts.

Be clear on who gets your time, who gets your energy and who gets nothing.

Don't go above and beyond for people anymore. Include them as much as they include you. Don't do extra.

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