What are some small things that can make a big impact?

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I think it’s okay to tell this story now.

Last year, I was supporting a research and development unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and they urgently needed a number of small electronic switches.

You couldn’t buy these switches in Ukraine and this is why the electronics engineers of this unit asked for my help.

I was able to locate two companies in Germany that where producing these electronic components but the first one refused to sell them to me (It was later known that this company was illegally selling the very same components to the Russian military and that the owner has been arrested).

The second company, on the other hand, was willing to sell me the switches. I talked to them on the phone and they asked me how many I need. I said, “two hundred” and their reply was: “we only got one!”

Of course, I was frustrated but later, I found another provider in Eastern Europe and after some nerve wrecking transactions (one of my friends told me he almost got a heart attack), I was able to deliver the switches to Ukraine.

Everybody was happy. The devices that needed these switches could finally be built and contribute to the war effort.

Price of a single switch: 0.42 US Dollars.

If you want to help me support Ukrainian volunteers (civilian and military, foreigners and locals), please use the contact email in my profile description.

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