What's your all-time favorite life hack that has made your daily routine significantly easier?

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Someone on Quora pointed out that Ireland is good at micro-efficiency. If you need to fill out a form, there will be a pen beside it. The security guy at the door can tell you which desk you need to go to, stuff like that.

So I apply this to my life. My bicycle is in the hall, with the lock, lights and reflectors all attached to it. I can grab it and go out the door, knowing I have everything I need. My bike bag contains a can of instant puncture repair and rain gear.

My keyring has only the keys I actually use, plus a small mirror for problems with contact lenses.

I only buy trousers with pockets with zips that will actually hold my phone and keys.

Every coat has a pair of reading glasses in the pocket.

Beside my passport, I keep a small plastic bag with a toothbrush, contact lens case and mini deodorant. If I have to, I can hit the airport with just those and I’ll manage.

I wash the muddy dog in the road outside the house, not the bathroom. She likes it better, the local kids help, and I don’t have massive cleaning up to do.

There is no one hack that does it all, it’s more about finding the most efficient way to get things done.

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