What 10 things can I do now to have a better life?

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Every evening, make your to-do list for the next day - then forget about it.

If possible, take the stairs.

Always keep a book in your bag to avoid temptation to doom-scroll.

Rather than purchasing a morning coffee, consider setting up a daily automatic transfer of $8 to a savings account and let it accumulate without thinking about it. Later on, you can use that money to treat yourself something new and exciting.

Sleep with your phone in a different room (but remember to buy an alarm clock).

Spend more time with people you truly enjoy being around. Be selective about the company you keep. Check here if you’re looking for a quality relationship.

If anything online makes you angry, wait at least a few hours to respond. After following this habit for a few weeks, you'll see that your initial angry reaction becomes less intense.

Dress like the person you want to be. Clothing actually doesn’t just change the way others perceive you. However, it changes the way you perceive yourself.

When you see something you don't like in others, ask yourself if you have that same thing too.

Give compliments widely, and freely.


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