What are 20 things that are not worth it?

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My top 20.

Some learned the hard way.

Thankfully not all.

Skipping sex with your spouse. Really, why would you? Nuff said.

Having an affair. What’s between your legs is meant for one thing. Between your ears for another. Don’t confuse them. You’ll thank me.

Getting a divorce. Sure, there are times people should. But far less than the times people do. Divorce destroys. Marriage builds. Choose well.

Fighting with your spouse. Disagree sure. Argue yes. But learn to fight fair. Attack the problem not each other. So your relationship grows.

Putting off making up. Take a time out? Ok. But when it’s over then make up. Really, that’s the most fun. Oh, and see #1.

Holding grudges. We all make mistakes. Some of us way more than our share. Get over it and move on. Relationships blossom with grace.

Regret. Life doesn’t give you do-overs. We all live it forward. So when you mess up apologize, learn and move on. Then enjoy it forward.

Worry. You can enjoy today or worry about tomorrow. Not both. Most of what I worry about never happens. The rest is ok. So, why worry?

News. All channels. All bad. All the time. 24/7/365. So beat them at their own game. Ignore them. As much as you can. Ah, happiness.

Texting. While you’re driving. While you’re with friends. While you’re working. Tune it out and tune into life. Now, that’s living.

Drugs. Ones to make you happy. Illegal or prescription. They don’t. At least not for long. Discover natural highs. And real happiness.

Eating garbage. When you’re young you can get away with it. When you hit 50 you’re screwed. Garbage in, garbage out. Health reigns.

Being a couch potato. I know you’re tired when you get home. Just want that beer and the big game. Want to keep moving? Then keep moving.

Medications. Sure in some cases, ok. But for most no. All have nasty side effects. Then you need more. Build natural health.

Impressing others. Many people buy things they can’t afford to impress others who don’t care. Build wealth instead of an image.

Fun now instead of the future. Sure have some fun now. But if you don’t plan for the future it has plans for you. You’ll like yours a lot better.

Fun in the future rather than fun now. Some get so caught up trying to achieve goals they forget to enjoy life along the way. Enjoy both.

Sacrificing the spiritual for the material. Don’t care to debate this in the comments. Just saying there is way more to life that makes it rich.

Focusing exclusively on yourself. People who do live shallow lives. People who focus on helping others discover it comes full circle.

Living without loving. Love is the greatest force and blessing on earth. So love your spouse, children, friends. Tell them. Love and live.

That’s it. My top 20.

And really, number 1 is the most fun. So why skip it?

Real success comes from learning how to build it and avoid destroying it.

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