How can I improve my observation skills in one month?

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If one Month is a challenge,

Go jogging barefoot, if cannot jog, walking barefoot on the road, forget about improving observation skills, after a month of jogging barefoot on a road, you would look so hot, that you have to hide yourself from people observing you.

Hot road, rising mercury, offcourse force you to get out of your head and your level of awareness would go hig.

Even thinking about running barefoot on a road, is awakening, can you imagine running, all baby fat will shed, abs will come out,

No guts no glory,

Go on few dates,

Break some rules go on a date, dangerous to go on a date.

Fall In Love and make love,

Even if that love betrays you, if it hurts you.

Stop following too many rules,

Some girl breaks all the rules, becomes, undesirables, some follow rules, jesusly, they become timid, boring,

Get out of the room,

Sometimes plan outdoors.

You gave me one month only…

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