What are psychological tricks and hacks useful to know?

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1. Our mind has the ability to detect and sense danger. If your gut tells you something is wrong, never ignore that feeling.

2. Alarm clocks don't necessarily wake you up, they startle you, causing a panic that interrupts your sleep state, which isn't healthy.

3. A person usually makes a lot of hand gestures when telling a true story. When they lie, a person's hands will stay noticeably still.

4. The human mind can only maintain complete trust once for each person. Once broken, it's never the same.

5. If someone makes eye contact with you for 60% of a conversation, they're bored, 80% and they are attracted to you, and 100% of the time, then they are threatening you.

6. Overthinking is a special form of fear. This fear becomes worse when adding anticipation, memory, imagination and emotions together.

7. When you try to remember a past event, you're actually remembering the last time you remembered it, rather than the event itself.

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