What are some psychological tricks and hacks useful to know?

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If someone is trying to make you decide in a hurry, they are probably giving you a bad deal. Walk away.

Sometimes pretending that you are naive gets you more information.

Pretending is helpful many times.

If you want to avoid office politics, say good things about coworkers behind their backs.

Physical contact makes you more likely to say yes to a request.

If you want to make someone feel uncomfortable, look at their forehead when you're talking to them.

When a group of people laugh, they tend to look at the person they like the most.

Nervousness and excitement have the same body reaction, so if you're nervous for a speech, instead convince yourself you're excited. Its proven to give better speeches, too.

Ask for something that seems small, but is related, to what you really want. Then, once they've agreed to the small thing, just work up with slightly larger requests until you've achieved the desired outcome. *The agreement hack!.

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