What are some mind blowing life hacks?

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I don't know if these are mind-blowing hacks or not, but they work for me.

Did you accidentally cut your finger?

immediately put sugar on it. It will cease the bleeding.

2. Do you feel tired?

Instead of cappuccino, have one shot of espresso. You would feel a jolt of energy passing down your spine.

3. Do you want to look good but are running out of time?

Just put a heavy layer of kajal on your lower eyes; it will do the magic.

4. Confused about what to do with greasy hair?

Put your hair into a messy bun. It goes with every outfit.

5. Worried about the used coffee powder?

Don't throw out the coffee powder after it's brewed. It works great as a body scrub. It softens skin. Also, it works great as a manure for plants.

6. Are you suffering from writer's block while writing an essay or a research paper?

Start with ‘What did today” and let it flow until your fingers hurt.

7. Are you struggling to fulfil the to-do list?

Instead of making a to-do list, start writing a reverse to-do list. E.g., instead of ‘I will go to the market’, write ‘I went to the market and got some groceries’ after completing that task. It feels more satisfying.

8. Do you want to buy paperbacks at a cheap price?

Always buy paperbacks from the street side. They sell second-hand books at a much cheaper price. Yes, obviously, look at the condition before purchasing. But most of the time, they are in good condition.

9. Do you feel drowsy or sleepy?

Just dunk your face for 1-2 minutes in a bowl full of iced water. Repeat the whole process for 15–20 minutes. You will feel more fresh than ever.

10. What can you do if you have no idea what to make for lunch or dinner?

If you have a leftover curry, add some soaked rice to it and enjoy the easy pulaao for lunch or dinner.

11. What do you do when you don't have any leftover curry?

Just try some veggies, chicken, eggs, or whatever ingredients you find in your kitchen, and add some leftover or soaked rice. Cook it with some salt and pepper. Your easy-peasy pulao is ready!

12. What should you do to save yourself from nosy neighbours?

Wear a mask so that they don't recognise you. Or, look at your phone while passing them, so that you could save yourself by saying you couldn't see them.

13. What should you do when you want to have sex but don't have condoms?

Just don't have sex, dude. There is no way to have safe sex without a condom.

Happy weekend!

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