What is one thing you just don't understand?

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Trolling someone for their color and their preferencesl of food, langauge they speak.

1st Instance-

Recently a famous actor from Kollywood Ashok Selvan got married to Keerthi Pandian , she is a daughter of another actor and producer of Kollywood.

Ashok Selvan is also a crush for many Tamil girls and he is very good in acting.

No one knew that they were in love for nearly 10 years and they got married suddenly and she was a new face to people as she isn't in media.

After getting marraied they just posted their marraige vidoes in insta.

But the comments they got from some girls were very disgusting.

They were commenting about the skin color of Keerthi Pandian that she is not fair as Ashok Selvan and that he did a great mistake by choosing a girl who isn't fair.

Like this the list of comments based on her skin color kept on going…

I really don't understand the concept of skin color in India.

In our country we have all types of skin colors and yet people are so much obsessed with fair and white skin and moreover if the guy very dark and if he marries a fair girl,people talk ill about their pair and if its vice versa also it's same.

These people want only two fair couples or two dark couples to get married and if it happens oppositely than it's huge mistake.

Similar thing happned to Atlee for his color and also to Fahadh Faasil for his baldness.

Why are we judging people based on looks even in this 21st century?

We all are educated but still we have so many prejudices about color and is it really needed?

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2nd Instance-

There is a guy is YouTube who is Brahmin and also he is bit fat.

This guy loved cooking food and he makes videos of various veg items and his way of talking ( he may be straight or gay or bi or anything for that matter and it's his wish as what he portraits)

But the comments he gets is so disgusting.

Some comments were like “Why don't you try on saree”?

“Are you girl or boy?”

People troll him for being overweight and fat and they body shame him.

Also in one of the interview he says that he cooks only veg food and some people ask him questioms like “ Why don't you cook Non veg?”

“You can cook and eat beef “ and there are so many comments based on his caste.

In the era where caste differences are diminishing , why are we speaking about caste?

In the era of following their own sexual preferences,why are we still judging people?

In the era of being proud of our skin or body shape, why are we body shaking others?

In an interview even the person who asks questions brings out the comments again I. Frimt of his mom and his mom answers all the questions so bravely to these trolls and to the interviewer.

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3rd Instance

Giving names to people and speaking ill against the economical weaker sections.

There are some Dalits communities who came to Bangalore long back and speak good Kannada also but their life condition is not good and they are not good in education or financially.

In one insta video, a guy asks some question in their native language Tamil and the people from the Dalit community answer in Tamil.

I don't understand what's wrong in that.

Why can't people speak their own language among themselves?

Is it sin or wrong to speak native language withing them?

All these people know Kannada well and they speak Tamil because the interviewer asks so.

Also the comments are so bad and hurtful too.

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Thanks for reading!

It's time that we stop all these trolling once and for all uncessary based in langauge, looks and character.

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