What is something that 90% of people don't seem to understand?

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I never wanted to talk about this, but I want to convey a message that is very important.

I have met girls, online, who were and are in love with me.

They have confessed their feelings for me and they are pretty sure about the love they have for me.

And the reason for their love are my Quora answers.

I respect their feelings. I haven't taken any advantage of their emotions.

I have always asked them to stop loving me.

I have tried to make them understand the difference between a real world and a virtual world.

My Quora answers are written when I am in the finest mood. They are my thoughts. And they don’t reflect my behaviour.

In real world I am a totally different person. No, I am not fake. But, I have my flaws. I have a dark past and bitter secrets buried within me. I am short tempered. I am not as good looking as I look in the photo.

The difference between a real world and a virtual world is something that 90% of the people don't seem to understand.

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