Common Misconceptions:

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I would say the biggest things they think are true but are not:

1) I will never get old or when I do, it will be in some far off future that will never come 2) I can get rich being a skateboard, basketball, videogame, movie star without much effort 3) School is a waste of time. I want to be out there RIGHT NOW 4) I have plenty of time 5) There is a perfect person out there somewhere looking for me 6) My parents are clueless about everything in this brave, new world 7) My generation will master every problem 8) Somehow the money will come, I don't need a plan 9) The oldsters destroyed the world for me 10) There is no god/there is only my god 11) Love and sex are virtually interchangeable 12) Bad things like cocaine, alcohol, gambling addictions, etc always happen to the other guy 13) I am invincible 14) My mad driving skills will keep me from getting in an auto/motorcycle accident 15) I had a tough teen life so the world owes me something and better pay up soon

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