What is one interesting thing about you that most people who know you do not know?

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I have two other children who I’ve never met with two other women.

About a year ago I decided to help a friend of a friend who is in a lesbian marriage. They wanted their own child and were wary of just anybody donating their sperm. The men who offered wanted payment and some wanted to actually sex with them in order to conceive. Naturally they didn't want that.

So I donated sperm to both of them until one of them became pregnant.

About 2 months after this, another couple contacted me asking if I’d help them too. So I did.

Contracts were drawn up and signed by all of us so I have no legal claim to the children and they have no claim on me for child support payments etc. Which is a protection for both of us.

So there’s two babies out there who each have two mothers. And good luck to them.

My mother would die if she knew this; she’s terribly homophobic.

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