What seems like it’d be fake but it is actually real?

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What seems like it’d be fake but it is actually real?-第1张图片

In 2011, a woman from New York donated her kidney to save the life of her boss. Debbie Stevens offered to donate her kidney when the her boss fell ill. When it turned out the kidney wasn’t a match she donated it to a stranger to push her boss up the transplant list.

Debbie was hired by Jackie Brucia in 2010 as an assistant for a large automotive group. When Jackie approached Debbie about donating her kidney to her, she was happy to do it. She didn’t want her boss and friend to die and felt it was her duty as a good person.

You would think Debbie would have returned to a warm reception after her surgery, but that was far from the truth. Debbie says when she returned to work Jackie was extremely cold towards her. She would reprimand her for things she didn’t do, and just constantly screamed at her to the point she couldn’t even leave her desk.

What seems like it’d be fake but it is actually real?-第2张图片

It all came to ahead when Jackie had relocated Debbie to another dealership 50 miles from her house, and when she complained Jackie fired her.

Debbie now believes she was hired just for her kidney and when she donated it she was no longer needed. She sued for unfair dismissal, and was awarded an undisclosed sum of money in 2014.

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