What is the one thing you don't understand that others do?

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Only two political parties in the United States.

I can’t count how many times I’ve had this conversation:

Them: I hate both candidates.

Me: Vote for someone else.

Them: I can’t do that.

Or this one:

Them: I want _____.

Me: It sounds to me like _____ (third party) most closely represents your views.

Them: I can’t waste my vote like that.

Me: How is it a wasted vote if you voted for what you want?

Them: Because they won’t win.

Me: What’s the point of “winning” if the one you voted for won’t even try to do what you want?

As a Canadian expat, this is the most absurd part of American culture to me. Americans are convinced they have to vote red or blue. I’ve even heard one say they’re not allowed to vote for anyone else. That any American would believe that, let alone accept it, absolutely baffles me.

I mean, hey, if one of “the two” major parties has a platform you want, go ahead and vote for them. More power to you. But that’s the point. You don’t get to say you have “freedom” or “democracy” if you actually think there’s such thing as a wasted vote.

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